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Owee Commercial Real Estate Pte Ltd  is one of the few boutique real estate companies in Singapore providing specialised real estate services on a niche level with a culture centred on quality customer service and professionalism

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Whether you are renting a single commercial property to house your business, or expanding your portfolio to grow wealth, our team in Singapore can help

Nic Ee

Executive Director

What We Do

We have over twenty years of experience in the real estate business. We offer full spectrum real estate services to international High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and corporate clients.

Our clients benefit from the extra value of the differentiating attributes developed during our operations as a boutique real estate company in Singapore.

Commercial real estate services tailored for foreigners

Global HNWI Real Estate Services

We are recognized for our vast knowledge of Singapore’s real estate market and ability to develop and maintain superior relationships. International high net-worth customers receive tailored services that are unique to each client, including commercial real estate investment and Luxury Home Finding Services.

Our team is prepared to locate an office space or assemble a comprehensive portfolio strategy to build your assets and position in today’s competitive marketplace.

Corporate Real Estate Solution in Singapore

Corporate Real Estate Services

Our Corporate Real Estate Team offers clients a full spectrum of Tenant Representation services at no direct cost. Our thorough grounding in the local commercial real estate market affords us the ability to see beyond the typical offerings to arrive at great leasing opportunities for our clients.

Our focus in this market means we are uniquely qualified to offer clients the most comprehensive analysis and deliver the most targeted property choices available throughout Singapore.

In addition to providing tenant representation services to our corporate clients, we also offer extensive, in-depth residential home search for our client’s expatriate employees, making our professional services a one-stop real estate solution for all our corporate clients.

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Connecting Businesses and Commercial Real Estate in Singapore

Owee Commercial Real Estate Pte Ltd is a boutique real estate agency with key focus in finding the best suited commercial & industrial properties for our clients.

Our specialization in this market allows us to provide clients with the most comprehensive analysis and the most targeted property choices available in Singapore.

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